Welfare Ranchers, Riding High (Again)

Vickery Eckhoff

Stewart and BundyNearly a year ago, following Forbes response to my writing about Cliven Bundy and the federal grazing program, I was approached by AlterNet with a proposition.

There had been some speculation that my Forbes departure had been spurred by Steve Forbes having grazing leases or that people with influence at Forbes did and that my exposing the federal grazing program was not to their liking. Would I be interested in writing a piece on rich welfare ranchers?

The idea of exploring that topic was attractive, even though I knew it would be challenging, so I agreed.

Today, almost a year later, I’m proud to publish “Forbes Billionaires Top US Welfare Ranchers List” on AlterNet and also the Daily Pitchfork.

The article is the fourth part of the Daily Pitchfork’s “SourceWatch” series on ranchers in the media (you can read the first three parts here, here and here).

SourceWatch was created to address the media’s twin habits of…

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1 thought on “Welfare Ranchers, Riding High (Again)

  1. Public Lands Ranchers have been receiving a multitude of federal handouts for decades, particularly with these moochers getting free federal assistance in killing native wildlife on these lands–to make more room for livestock. So, whether it be the horrendous wild horse & bison roundups, wolf, coyote and other predator “control” programs, these public lands squatters have it made. All at the expense of what remains of Nature and native wild animals.
    Too many “wildlife” groups have gone to the Dark Side when it comes to this debacle, by compromising with ranchers, forming “working relationships” with them, and making excuses for them–while millions of acres of precious wildlife habitat and millions of native animals are destroyed. I call it the Domesticated Feed Lot. Take a good look when you are out there on public lands. What you mostly will see, are livestock, not wolves, coyotes, bobcat, prairie dogs, or even native ungulates. The western livestock industry just loves it this way. Some groups want to continue to reimburse ranchers for their alleged livestock losses. I say, hell no! Stop bottle feeding this environmentally destructive killing machine. If wildlife groups really care about wildlife, why not demand that this industry start paying reparations for all the terrible damage it has done to public lands (and private ones too, of course). No more handouts. Get them Off Public Lands Now!


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