Blissful, Willful Ignorance

Ignorant people are lucky. It must be nice to skate through life choosing to be clueless of the unfairness and injustice going on around you; that you are a part of; that you’re causing; that you benefit from. But then again, you’d have to go through your life harboring a lot of hatred for the messenger; for the competition; for the things you can’t control, no matter how hard you try.

No, maybe willful ignorance wouldn’t be so blissful after all. How can a person be ready when the shit inevitably comes down, or make peace with their part in it? Are they going to stand around scratching their heads, asking themselves, “Wha’ happened?” Or, “Where did all this human evil come from?”

The world may seem like a relatively nice, peaceful place right now, but that’s only because non-human nature has been taking the brunt of human avarice.  While some of us carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, most people just float through life. And though there’s no doubt about their willful ignorance, the blissful part may be getting ever more elusive.



9 thoughts on “Blissful, Willful Ignorance

  1. Because many of these groups have ranchers, hunters, and even trappers on staff/and or their boards. Because they continue to face reality that there really are Enemies, so they collaborate with and otherwise compromise with these environmentally destructive entities. This is why wildlife is in precipitous decline. Why does a group calling itself Project Coyote continue to promote ranching, with its alleged “wolf-friendly beef.”? Coyotes continue to be slaughtered by the millions, so how does this help them?


  2. “Willful” ignorance is not recognized for the evil that it really is. Refusing to acknowledge the abuse of animals allows it to continue but with the willfully (and blissfully) ignorant not having to be disturbed or, God forbid, be made uncomfortable by it. Aside from that, there is the issue of money. The big environmental groups have learned (just as the churches have recognized) that speaking out against the killing of animals will get you no donations from those who are determine to maintain their willful ignorance and eat their steaks.

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