5 thoughts on “Population Control Starts With One’s Own Kind

  1. If you kill it then eat it. I wonder if those hunters have any recipes for coyote meat?

    Keeping a “healthy balance” is a useful stock term for the unjustifiable destruction of living things. The DNR and other wildlife agencies talk about having to “manage” wild animals, rivers, forests, and so on but I haven’t heard them yet talk about managing human wants. They may place seasons on fishing and hunting some species but only so there will always be a continuous supply of animals to shoot and hook.

    • Or recipes for wolves, bobcats, bears, prairie dogs, pigeons, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks and all the other wildlife that needs to be “managed.” There is a whole new niche for cookbooks.

      • There are people like that, but it’s more of a spite rooted “after the fact” means to make themselves seem less like the psychotic killers they are and more ‘acceptable’ as ‘subsistence’ hunters (although their reprehensible tendencies condemn their nature).
        Y’know what’s BS about that subsistence line? Most of these people have paying jobs and live or come from places where food is readily available, they just choose to turn their noses up. I don’t think that turning your nose up to food that is right in front of you, safest and easiest to obtain is in tune with survival instinct.

  2. We need to consciously bring forth a paradigm shift from this old way of thinking
    Meditate everyday away from this narrow destructive thinking towards the broader concept of acceptance and coexistence and a true understanding of all species
    It is not a sustainable lifestyle
    We are killing our whole earth
    Rethink creation
    all these beings are here because their lives are integral to the environmental integrity of the planet
    Spaceship earth hurling thru space needs species enlightenment energy thinking everyday
    Let’s shift this together
    Bring about the change
    Now !

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