8 thoughts on “A Camera Does Just as Well

  1. My message to hunters:

    I do exactly what you do. I go out in the field with a mechanical device. I aim it at wildlife. I twitch my index finger. When my camera runs out of battery power or memory, I reload.

    So far, performing these identical actions has not caused me to grow a penis. It won’t work for you either. So GIVE IT UP ALREADY!

  2. Yes. Getting great photograph of some magnificent elephant or lion or a tiny bird hovering over its nest is an accomplishment to be proud of. And the photographers have those pictures as reminders of what they have seen and captured and still know they left the animals alive and well, to perhaps be the subjects of other admired photos. How much better is that than having a partial animal hanging on a wall and remembering its death–unless taking the life itself is a power trip that is as big a thrill as bragging about the trophy.

  3. When I see a magnificent moose or duck or fox etc. The last thing that would pop in my head would be to claim his life ? Hunting for trophy is for all the loser out there !

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