Dr. Goodall Applauds China’s Action to End the Domestic Sale of Ivory

Monday, June 1, 2015 – 11:53am
In a statement from today, Dr. Jane Goodall congratulates China on their announcement to end the domestic sale of ivory. Dr. Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute appluad the government’s destruction of 1,500 pounds of their ivory stocks, expressing their commitment to supporting the international action against the poaching of elephants and rhinos.

If we could stop the demand from the world’s two largest ivory markets – China and the United States – we could turn the tide on illegal poaching. Illegal poaching has taken 64 percent of Central Africa’s elephants in the last decade alone. The only way we will put an end to this senseless slaughter is to put an end to the market for ivory. I applaud China’s action and urge them to do more in hopes that other countries will follow their lead, both in banning ivory and in cracking down on its illegal trade.
Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace
the Jane Goodall Institute-USA Headquarters
1595 Spring Hill Road | Suite 550 | Vienna, VA 22182

Phone 703.682.9283 | Fax 703.682.9312

4 thoughts on “Dr. Goodall Applauds China’s Action to End the Domestic Sale of Ivory

  1. Dr. Goodall is right. In fact, just stopping the demand would stop most of the problems and the suffering we are fighting, often futilely, with petitions, letters, and useless laws. If people stopped going to McDonald’s, KFC, fur stores, circuses, racetracks, etc., so many animals would be alive and well.

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