New Caledonia hunter killed in accident

5 June 2015

A man in New Caledonia has accidentally shot dead his cousin on a hunting trip – the second fatal shooting incident in the the territory in the past month.

The victim – a 35-year-old man – was hit in the neck and died at the scene in the mountains in the territory’s north.

Last month, a woman died after she was accidenatlly hit in the leg by a shot fired by her husband.

Last year, three people were reported killed as a result of a hunting accident.

There has been concern over the spread of firearms in recent years, with estimates of there being about one gun per two inhabitants.

2 thoughts on “New Caledonia hunter killed in accident

  1. There are so many animals hunted and killed (many suffering for hours or days before they die) with no sympathy, it is hard for me to summon up sadness for humans. There is no guarantee that people can safely go out killing and never have any harm to themselves.

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