Thousands of Spanish hunting dogs are killed or abandoned each winter

June 9

Elegant, regal, and admired for their intense speeds, dogs in the 18th century — primarily greyhounds — were often used as hunting dogs in rural Spain during the winter. But over the centuries and in recent years it has been estimated that over 50,000 dogs have been put down or abandoned in open fields left to die at the end of the hunting season because they are considered too old or slow to hunt again, or too expensive to care for.

Photographer and longtime animal activist Martin Usborne reached his Kickstarter goal toward publishing the forthcoming book “Where Hunting Dogs Rest” (U.S release scheduled for September) on June 4.  In the book, Uborne captures achingly beautiful portraits of hunting dogs rescued from an unfortunate end.


6 thoughts on “Thousands of Spanish hunting dogs are killed or abandoned each winter

  1. Another terrible story of abuse from Spain. Nothing new there. Question the clergy about such behavior and they will say it is part of the culture. Nothing like good moral leadership.

  2. A colleague who has been involved in rescuing some of these “surplus” hunting dogs in Spain reports that the typical method of “euthanasia” is hanging them from a rope. (The Spanish seem to have some strange attraction to death by strangulation.) Another devoutly Roman Catholic country that’s hell for non-human animals.

  3. Exploited and abused, then abandoned or killed. Hunters never stop disgusting me. In Italy the same, those poor dogs are often tortured when no more useful. Poor animals with similar humans 😔

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