12 thoughts on “T.V. Huntress Advocates FOR Bullfighting, Lecture Non-hunters About “Tradition”

  1. How can she have more than 20.000 “likes” on FB? My God, out there people use the bottom in state of the brain… She deserves to experiment the same pain she is bragging around. I really feel sorry for her (from my buddhist mentor I learned to use compassion in such cases) , and I guess her I.Q. isn’t much higher than the one of her followers.
    Serenity :-)c

  2. Murder, torture and cruelty under the guise of (so-called) “tradition” & “culture” is still MURDER, TORTURE and CRUELTY. This waste of cells is a dangerous sociopath. ANY HUMAN who feels joy and/or happiness when seeing and/or contributing to the death and torture of a sentient being needs to be removed from society. I truly wish she would drop dead.

  3. The fact that this mindless bimbo feels perfectly free to do what she does and say what she wishes publicly without fear of shaming, shunning, derision, or physical injury speaks volumes about the impotence of the contemporary animal protection movement. The latter makes the AARP look like Boko Haram in comparison. Given her history she ought to be reduced to cowering somewhere in a remote cave rather than openly attending public events and tweeting about them.

    • So was selling girls like her into slavery or marrying them off to elderly paedophiles at age 12.
      Or hell, go to an Arabic country with Sharia law and she’s fair game for anyone because her head and face isn’t covered she’d later be stoned to death because the rape was her fault being a woman. If a woman leaves the house without the father’s or husband’s permission, she can be “honour killed” for the sake of the reputation of her family. Without anesthetic, cut off the clitoris with a rusty and/or unsanitised sharp instrument and sew the genitals closed until she is married (acts that are performed by relatives). Some Inuit tribes performed acts necro-bestiality. Hey let’s go with human sacrifice: Why not drag a young girl up a hill and smash the child’s head open with a club at the summit? Why not carve hearts out of living people?The list goes on and on… all tradition.

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