What More Can We Say to Hunters?

Yesterday a loyal reader sent the following comment in response to my post, Top Ten Retorts to Hunter Fallacies: “Trying to talk with people who won’t listen takes us nowhere. They are going to hunt and their mythology and ideology that excuse the killing are the voices they hear.”

Well, I agree—I’ve known that for a long time now. The fact is I never really write anything in hopes of changing hunters or talking them out of their blood sport.

I know that killing animals is too much in their blood (so to speak) to expect them to change for the better. As if to prove this point, a typical hunter tried (unsuccessfully) to leave this comment to a post about a man shooting and killing his grandson in a hunting accident. It started out like so many others, with “You people…” (a dead giveaway that it’s going to be from a hunter, and therefore unworthy of approval): “…are fucking idiots. This grandfather is suffering the worst tragedy of his natural life, and you people make it into a gun control issue. How do you think you all are able to go out and eat a steak dinner, or a chicken wrap, or any other meat product? Animals were put on earth to feed humans, period. Get your heads out of your asses, morons!!!”

If killing their own grandsons is not reason enough for them to swear off hunting, I don’t know what else to say to them.

Call it preaching to the choir, but the things I write, like the Top Ten Retorts to Hunter Fallacies are in fact either to inform or entertain my fellow advocates.

Not that they need to be educated. But the magnanimous few occasionally may need affirmation or a ready list of replies to the same old, worn out hunter dogma that have a little more thought behind them than, “Get your heads out of your asses, morons!”

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2015. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2015. All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “What More Can We Say to Hunters?

  1. For one, ‘we’ are able to eat meat by mass producing animals in inhumane conditions, where they are kept in cages and pens where there is barely enough room to turn around in, if they are allowed that comfort at all. I moved to KY last year and telling ppl about hunting here is like telling them not to breath. Their answer is always, “I eat the meat”, justification for killing animals. On another note I reblogged a photo of an animal in a zoo today. I added the comment “I do not believe in caging healthy animals, but this is a beautiful photo”. The blog’s author quickly told me, ” I do not want you reblogging my photos, you tree hugger. If you put any comments on my blog, they will be deleted”. I did not post any comments oh his blog, only the one on my reblog, that was not even against him, only about zoos and even credited him for his good photography. Needless to say, I unfollowed this blog and trashed the post off my blog. No problem.

  2. Okay. So the hunter has his 10 retorts (or however high he can count) on the fridge too. If he were informed that most of us are vegan and do not eat chicken or steaks, he would have a similarly well-reasoned and articulate answer for that also.

    • Well reasoned? Articulate? Oh, I get it, you’re joking;) The problem is, a lot of hunters do have a cheat sheet of snappy answers to non-hunters’ arguments printed out on their refrigerators, provided by the NRA or Safari Club, or some club of their ilk, and written by some conscienceless-but-articulate PR person trained in the justification of killing.

  3. Considering that apparently everything bad about hunting: the self absorbed attitude, the extinctions and endangerment of species caused by hunting, the hightened persecution of certain species deemed to be useless, the megalomania with desiring “management”, the nonchalance with causing pain and death, the gloating, the taking of trophies and selling body parts to the highest bidder, the act of shooting, trapping and killing animals has nothing to do with real hunting… what more can one say?
    I’d suggest a titanium baseball bat, but that’d just break on impact.

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