U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Threatened Status for Gray Wolf

Wolves of Douglas County News


WODCW was one of the 21 wolf conservation and wolf protection organizations to sign the petition for threatened status that the USF&WS rejected today. Threatened status would provide solutions to depredation concerns for the state’s farmers and ranchers. Under threatened status a trophy hunt of wolves would not be allowed.

WODCW believes the state of WI has mismanaged wolves that were delisted in 2012 by holding a recreational trophy hunt on wolves. The recreational trophy hunt employed the barbaric method of using hound hunting dogs to track and trail wolves and also, the inhumane method of trapping.

WODCW believes wolves must stay in federal protected status, under the Endangered Species Act until the state of WI can show reasonable wolf management that protects the health and welfare of wild wolves. Wolves are crucial for our ecosystems.

The fight’s not over yet. WODCW will keep you up to date.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Denies Threatened Status for Gray Wolf

  1. Do we need to protect wildlife, especially predators, from state and federal wildlife agencies? These agencies are mostly set up to serve the wishes of hunters and fishermen and agriculturists, not the majority of the public. They are really an extension of the sportsmen, wildlife sport killers, and fishermen. They stock streams and rivers for fishermen to fish, and game farm to serve ungulate hunters, and sacrifice balanced wildlife ecologies for hunters. In Montana, for example, the governor appoints 5 commissioners to oversee Fish Wildlife & Parks in five districts. One of the commissioners has to know about ranching. No conservationists are among them. Rancher interests and hunter interests are represented. Hunters only make up 6% of the general US public and maybe 15% in Montana. Under this system, it is easy to see why the best interests of balanced wildlife ecology, wildlife habitat, and the desires of the general public are not best represented. Wildlife state agencies in many states should be fired, completely revamped. Even the USFWS has to be pushed often to protect wildlife, as does the USFS, and BLM. They have to often be sued by conservation organizations. The US Forest Service (USFS) comes under US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Wildlife Services, a wild animal killing agency, killing about 3-4 million “nuisance” animals a year, comes under USDA. Wildlife services gunned down 19 wolves (February 2015) in Lolo Pass area to appease ungulate hunters and did so in a secretive way. They are an out of control black ops organization against wildlife serving the whims of ranchers and hunters and agriculturists. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), under the Department of INterior, mostly serves public leased grazing, 57% of its’ managed land, plus mining, oil and gas leases, and lumber leases. BLM is mandated to balance the interest of agriculture and extraction industries with recreation and wildlife, and preservation of open spaces; but it is easy to see where the meat of their interests are. The USFWS comes under the Department of Interior in the same branch as US Park Service and in the same department (Interior) as BLM . Wildlife conservationists need to push for wildlife agencies reorganization. Wildlife habitat and wildlife will not have a fair priority under current structures. The so called wildlife agencies need to be fired or revamped, complete overhaul, starting at the top of each agency.

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