Animals survival stories from the wildfires in northern Saskatchewan

Animals survival stories from the wildfires in northern Saskatchewan

REGINA – Amongst the wildfire destruction in northern Saskatchewan there have been some inspiring survival stories from the animal kingdom.

This week fire crews working near La Ronge spotted a cat stuck at the top of a pole. A SaskPower employee was able to get the cat get back to safety.

“It’s sort of a heartwarming story in the middle of a fairly tough times and stressful times for people and at least there is still some nice moments,” said SaskPower spokesperson Tyler Hopson.

SaskPower brought the cat to the humane society to see if they could reunite it with its owners.

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Finding distressed animals is nothing new for those fighting the wildfires. A few weeks ago a group of men near La Loche were able to rescue a fawn who was found near the edge of a helicopter pad.

The baby fawn was brought to the Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue on June 11th where he was treated for burns on his feet and ears.

Mark Dallyn from the Healing Haven Wildlife said that the veterinarian has given him a good diagnosis for a full recovery but he isn’t completely out of the woods yet.

Currently they have the fawn growing up with another fawn so he is ready to be released back into the wild by May of 2016.

2 thoughts on “Animals survival stories from the wildfires in northern Saskatchewan

  1. Not necessarily. Animals have been living with natural wildfires for millennia. Because we see it as an impediment, doesn’t mean that is the reality. Just like we think that animals are happier in a zoo being fed, than in the wild, because we like to live that way. I’m going to try to think of those who were able to run and move and fly once they got wind of a fire.

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