Dr. Palmer Should Die

For the crimes he committed against Cecil the half-tame Lion—luring, baiting, impaling and pursuing him for 40 long hours. For being a sadistic, narcissistic, psychopathic bow-hunter willing to put another sentient animal through sheer hell for a trophy, Walter Palmer DDS should die. And his accomplices—the guides, along with whoever shot another lion today–should join him on the gallows.

They should all be dragged into a court of law and sentenced to death ASAP. But unfortunately, that won’t happen. Walter Palmer and his ilk, his cohorts in crime, will probably live out their long lives and get off with a slap on the wrist; a fine, a public service sentence and possibly have their hunting licenses revoked for a while.

Why? Because they’re human beings—the most sacred of God’s creatures; the pinnacles of evolution and the reason it’s all here (sarcasm intended)—and a lion is just a lion. An animal: ours to do with as we see fit.

It’s the self-imposed law of the land, and there’ll be no justice for animals as long as speciesism rules.

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Palmer Should Die

  1. .45 HK USP Pistol should do just as well.
    What? It’s more humane than hanging and a portion of the proceeds from his harvested organs will be sent to a charity for victims of gun violence.

  2. Wish we wouldn’t allude to “speciesism” because there’s more to it. There is a natural hierarchy built into our world. But people need to understand that the success of our world and specific eco-systems work because its largest and smallest parts exist. Higher order animals have a sense of empathy basic for conscience to develop. But some humans including Poacher Palmer lack conscience regardless of his education. I’d fear he’d rip out my teeth if I sat in his dentist chair. Doing an African photo safari has been in my bucket list for a long time and perhaps I’ll get to it. Lastly, hope you’re not right about Palmer just getting a slap on the wrist, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Importing wild animal parts should be banned forever.

  3. Yes, top of the great chain of being, “sons” of God, special act of creation, the ones for whom all else was destined. Pretty damned convenient for us and hell for the rest. I would love to see the end of speciesism, but look at what human beings would have to give up in the form of food, luxury (furs, silk), growth (more logging, more drilling, more building), money (entertainment, breeding and selling, horse racing etc.)–and we are aren’t noted for our penchant for sacrifice.

  4. Forgive me but, amen!

    These rich a-holes are effing it up for the rest of us. Why can’t these people enjoy the animals while they are alive? Why must they KILL them????? Thanks to that ass clown and all the other ass clowns killing these animals, future generations will never know what a living breathing lion (or other big cats, rhinos, elephants, et al.) is.

    Sad. Really really SAD!!!!

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