Trophy Hunter – Serial Killer?

Howling For Justice

Portrait of Cecil by Ed Hetherington

Cecil by Ed Hetherington

There is no doubt in my mind that trophy hunting is a form of serial killing. Gareth Patterson, lion expert, puts it all into perspective, in his 2007 post. His words are even more timely with the brutal murder of Cecil the lion.


Is Trophy Hunting a Form of Serial Killing?

Lion expert and conservationist Gareth Patterson takes aim

09 Sep 07

For me – and the many people who contact me to offer their support – killing innocent animals for self-gratification is no different from killing innocent people for self-gratification. By extension, then, trophy hunting – the repeated killing of wild animals – should surely be viewed as serial killing. And in the same moral light humanity’s thinking is, I feel, beginning to approach such a level of morality.

What are the comparisons between trophy hunting and serial killing?

To attempt to answer this…

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4 thoughts on “Trophy Hunter – Serial Killer?

  1. Animals Conscious and Sentient and If So any Form of Animal Killing for Sport (AKA hunting, esp trophy hunting, trapping) Serial Murdering

    Are non human animals conscious and sentient? Can they think, feel pain, feel a range of emotions (anger, guilt, love, hate, friendly, anxiety, depression, sadness, and more)? Can they make a plan, engage in purposeful behavior, use consequential thinking in choosing actions? Are they aware of individual self in relations, the environs, their family, their needs of food, safety, shelter, belonging? Do they adapt to the environs, to living with other creatures including man? Do they teach their young and protect them and the family? Do they play? Do they evaluate and solve problems? Do they coordinate their actions? Do they mourn, grieve, show empathy? Do they communicate with their kind, and others? Some animals demonstrate all these qualities. Yet humans raise them for food (aka ranching), trap them for their fur, kill them as a recreational opportunity (aka hunting). State and federal wildlife agencies primarily manage (aka kill) them to “control their populations”, remove “nuisance” animals, some of which most certainly would control their own populations. So humans ranch, hunt, trap, use as source of food, use as a source of recreational killing opportunity other sentient and conscious animals. Are humans then “humane”? Humans kill with kindness? We humans justify and rationalize our treatment of the animal kingdom by perceiving and treating animals as not sentient and conscious, while perceiving ourselves as special, self-appointed special and above the rest of the animal kingdom, created in God’s image with all else created for us,.What arrogance! Stupendous narcissism! The horror!


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  2. Trophy Hunting Part of The American Zeitgeist
    The US government has long been in the wildlife killing business and is oriented toward seeing wildlife as renewable recreational killing opportunities (see Wildlife Management Wikipedia) and as objects of pest control. The “conservationist”(exalted) Aldo Leopold, was an avid hunter, saw animals this way and believed in cultivating “sporting” game. He started off with game animal farming ideas and elimination or marginalization of predators. Wildlife agencies reflect these attitudes today and largely exist for hunters. Deep pocketed African wildlife trophy hunters have little conscience regarding wildlife, so it is up the the rest of society to bring them into check by legal means and public condemnation. Hunters have no or little, sense of right or wrong when it comes to wildlife, or trappers, seeing animals as objects of profit and recreational killing opportunity or competition for game. So, it is really little surprise that our government has been looking the other way when comes to African wildlife sport killing (aka hunting), poaching, and animal parts import. We, as a total population, need to bring pressures to bear, social and legal, to control our less evolved human elements and to redefine the meaning of conservation, animals as sentient, and value of biodiversity, and re-wilding concepts/outlook to the forefront. Concepts and practices of balanced wildlife ecology, apex predator cascading healthy effects (values of predators), re-wilding, buffer zones around preserves, biodiversity protections, animals rights, animals as sentient, are relatively new and not at the forefront of wildlife agency functioning.

  3. Great analogies. My thoughts exactly–the same callousness, egotism, sadism, and psycho thrill seeking seem to characterize serial killers of both people and animals. What I find particularly disturbing and illogical is that while people have no problem expressing their disgust with a Ted Bundy or a John Wayne Gacy for their killing sprees and their evil character, most people don’t seem bothered by the same character deficiencies in Dr. Palmer or Dr. Seski. They just figure hunting is their “sport” and their right since it’s legal.

    We need to overturn the philosophy and theology that postulates a huge chasm in worth between human beings and all the other animals of this earth, a chasm that denies moral consideration to animals. One would think decency and compassion alone would condemn much of our treatment of animals, whether in hunting, agriculture, science, and entertainment, but we accept all of it because, well, we are human and they are not. Even the science, for those who will see it, reveals that we all evolved together, and that we share 99% of our genetic material with chimpanzees. The old hierarchy of people on the top and animals at the bottom as mere resources needs to go. Until then we will continue to view serial killers and hunters as different.

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