Warning: This Blog Will Offend If Animals Are Not Your Priority

Armory of the Revolution

futureThere are animal people who love animals, but do not quite love them enough.

They don’t love them quite enough to stop eating them. Or to stop wearing them.
The animals certainly welcome whatever things people do for them, as the great majority do not do anything for animals.

So one who rescues a dog but eats a calf is still better then someone who does nothing for a dog in need and who still eats a calf.

But this blog is not aimed at casual animal rescuers or half-hearted animal activists.

Most animal activists are not vegans. Most aren’t even vegetarians. Most are people who love animals, but animals are not the most important things in their lives. Religion, politics, family, personal interests come first.

This blog is not for them.

This blog is for the animal activist who is the backbone of the movement, the activist who…

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2 thoughts on “Warning: This Blog Will Offend If Animals Are Not Your Priority

  1. Are non human animals conscious and sentient? Can they think, feel pain, feel a range of emotions (anger, guilt, love, hate, friendly, anxiety, depression, sadness, and more)? Can they make a plan, engage in purposeful behavior, use consequential thinking in choosing actions? Are they aware of individual self in relations, the environs, their family, their needs of food, safety, shelter, belonging? Do they adapt to the environs, to living with other creatures including man? Do they teach their young and protect them and the family? Do they play? Do they evaluate and solve problems? Do they coordinate their actions? Do they mourn, grieve, show empathy? Do they communicate with their kind, and others? Some animals demonstrate all these qualities. Yet humans raise them for food (aka ranching), trap them for their fur, kill them as a recreational opportunity (aka hunting). State and federal wildlife agencies primarily manage (aka kill) them to “control their populations”, remove “nuisance” animals, some of which most certainly would control their own populations. So humans ranch, hunt, trap, use as source of food, use as a source of recreational killing opportunity other sentient and conscious animals. Are humans then “humane”? Humans kill with kindness? We humans justify and rationalize our treatment of the animal kingdom by perceiving and treating animals as not sentient and conscious, while perceiving ourselves as special, self-appointed special and above the rest of the animal kingdom, created in God’s image with all else created for us,.What arrogance! Stupendous narcissism! The horror!

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