Help Close the Door on Risky Arctic Drilling


From: Ocean Conservancy

Big news! Shell Oil announced that it is giving up its quest to drill for oil in the U.S. Arctic Ocean. Shell’s retreat from the Arctic is a testament to all those who raised their voices in opposition to risky Arctic drilling. More importantly, Shell’s decision is great news for the bowhead whales, walruses, ice-dependent seals and other wildlife species that could have been devastated by an oil spill in this remote region.

But there’s still more work to do to protect Arctic waters from the threat of offshore drilling! In the coming months, the Obama Administration will decide whether to sell more oil leases in the Arctic Ocean. Let’s not go down that road again. Join Ocean Conservancy in calling on President Obama not to go forward with any new lease sales in the Arctic Ocean:;jsessionid=7440033D34B36417CC1EBCA579359C83.app261b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1067&s_src=15WAXAXXXX&s_subsrc=15AADN10&AddInterest=2147

5 thoughts on “Help Close the Door on Risky Arctic Drilling

  1. That’s what my husband said, only due to the price of oil. That makes me mad, dollars and cents uber alles. I wonder if that because it is so risky even they had to admit it. Literally bogged down in lawsuits. Talk about dollars and cents. Whatever the reason, I’m glad. I hope they clean up any mess thoroughly before they leave, and that there are no slow leaks from the exploration. I wondered if any of their workers poached those walruses.

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