Why is Florida Becoming the New Capitol of Cruel?


In October of 2015, Florida plans a massive massacre of black bears. The hunt was approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, whose commissioners are appointed by Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott. Watch Florida activist Julie Watkins tell the sordid inside story below.

Tweet #StopFloridaBearHunt and ‪#‎FFW‬ ‪#‎RickScott‬. Get involved at: facebook.com/thegirlsgonegreen & www.facebook.com/stopbearhunt. Watch & Tweet Now. Bears need your help.

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4 thoughts on “Why is Florida Becoming the New Capitol of Cruel?

  1. A lot of awful things going on in Florida. We haven’t heard much about it, but the Animal Recovery Mission has been fighting animal sacrifice and private, illegal farm slaughter, among other things. Their accounts and photos are truly horrific.

  2. bythewindsailor, hello! We are also in NM and if you care to, please contact us at http://www.foranimals.org–we are working on issues here, and would love to work with you! Currently, we are investigating the latest NM Game Commission fiasco, with the Federal Fish and Wildlife giving their decision-making power away to this state commission of hunters, trappers, and ranchers. We need to get going on disbanding the Game Commission, abolishing trophy hunting, and making our public lands livestock free–for the native wildlife: all of these issues are actually related. Please contact: http://www.foranimals.org (Marc or Rosemary)

  3. They are trying to get rid of the Florida panther too – a poor struggling species just hanging on. They’ve had to kick out airboats out of Everglades National Park, and people are bitching, even though there are other places to use them. Florida – another Overdevelopment Capital of the World. Unlimited killing for days sounds like pure savagery – this country is going the way of the fall of the Roman Empire. Other countries are beginning to leave us in the dust as far as conservation is concerned.


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