More Animal Killing and Butchering at Heartless Denmark Zoos

Howling For Justice

Giraffe_publically_killed_and_chopped_at_the_Copenhagen_Zoo.jpg Wiki

Sweet Marius murdered and then butchered in front of school children at Copenhagen Zoo in February 2014

Remember when the Copenhagen zoo murdered poor 18 month old Marius the giraffe, because they determined he wasn’t genetically important to the gene pool? They lured that poor baby, who had trusted those zoo keepers all his life and killed him. Then to add insult to injury they dissected him in front of school children and fed his body parts to the lions. Are they disgusting human beings or what?

Now round two is about to happen in the Odense zoo in Denmark. They killed a lion about nine months ago, because according to them they had too many lions. Hey morons, find another home for the lion, don’t kill it. But no, they didn’t find a home for the lion, just like the Copenhagen zoo rejected all the offers from…

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4 thoughts on “More Animal Killing and Butchering at Heartless Denmark Zoos

  1. I’m very discouraged that Denmark, supposedly a forward thinking country, would continue to do this. It was bad enough when Marius, the baby giraffe, was butchered and killed because it was determined by the Copenhagen zoo he was not important enough genetically to continue to live. How arrogant and heartless is that line of thinking? Many organizations offered to take Marius but the zoo stubbornly refused to allow him refuge.

    Now the Odense Zoo is carrying out the Copenhagen’s zoo’s practice of brutalizing animals they’re supposed to be caring for and about. And the real damage is to the psyche of young children who are being desensitized to animal murder. What will they take away from this experience? The obvious answer is that animal life cheap and disposable. Shame on the Denmark Zoo’s.

  2. Well, surprise that anything human beings have a hand in is turning out badly for animals!

    We play god by overpopulating the landscape and destroying habitat, thereby reducing wild animal populations. Then we play god at zoos to maintain “genetic diversity,” but the leftovers of our genetic card game are useless and destroyed. Or they are sold/bartered to whatever fate will befall them. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Lest any of the unfortunate animals go to waste after we get rid of them, they can always be dissected for the edification of the kiddies. Really! How much of a dissection do kids understand anyway. Some of the more sensitive ones will be horrified, and we can hope they will be the future animal activists in their societies. The rest will merely understand that animal lives don’t matter aside from our use of them. In this case it is using dead animals for entertainment (excuse me, I mean for “education”).

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but it makes me wonder if this is a policy to desensitize kids so they will not object to the human abuse of all the creatures we share this earth with. That would make it easier to continue our unbridled greed and destruction.

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