Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS.

we petition the obama administration to:

Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS. More transparency in wildlife conservation through DOJ

Request the Department of Justice and Office of Inspector General to implement changes that bring transparency in wildlife conservation. Conservation organizations like USFWS are being used to further the interests of hunting groups.

This could be considered fraudulent use of taxpayer funds. Taxpayers assume that USFWS is protecting wildlife, not sustaining hunting.

Transparency measures are urgently required to purge hunters from conservation organizations funded by taxpayers.

Published Date: Sep 12, 2015

10 thoughts on “Remove hunters from conservation departments like USFWS.

  1. I also wish that they would include environmentalists and scientists on the boards and in the decision-making. They are, for the most part, excluded.

    For all the bluster by conservatives about how environmentalists are trying to drive humans extinct with all their talk of population control, you’ve got to admit that the hunters and the NRA sure are doing their part to bring down the population and stop breeding. Thanks, guy and gals!

  2. Science and environmentalist should be envolved here,not hunters they do not have the people’s compassion for our Earth here.

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  4. Can we redo this petition? I have been wanting to write up a fact filled petition to re-structure F&W agencies for science and non-lethal methods, but until we can figure out how to market and stimulate the petition to reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days, it is a wasted effort to meet legal requirements to even be heard, please let me know if others want to brainstorm this. Thanks.

  5. Wildlife are too diverse to allow self-interest groups and individuals espousing such self-interest to make decisions on their species and systems.

    Wildlife commissions are tasked with conservation, not merely of ungulates, but of the unknown valuable species like prairie dogs, whose burrows help restore overpumped aquifers, and whose reproduction assists the diversity of hawks ferrets, native grasses, bison.
    that single illustration shows that wildlife commissions have historically FAILED to their most important job, restoration of native species following the wholesale killing of the 19th century which so devastated North America that wildlife commissions had to be established.

    While petitions have had some value for certain purposes, should you attend wildlife commission (by any name) meetings you WILL FIND that they outright SAY they do not weight petitinos very much, but instead claim to value or use quantitative science in their “management’ decisions.
    However, the uproar over recnt “surplus” killing by wolves in WY shows that science, ecology, population and conservatino biiology are largely ignored and misunderstood by hunting groups and individuals.
    Hunting groups strongly appear to perceive wild animals aas their property to kill for pleasure or sustenance over the dissent of the large human population. Thus they constitute an unethically subsidized self-interest group opposed to true conservation and long-term survival of biologically diverse natural ecosystems.

    NO hunting group should be allowed standing in decisionmaking concerning wildlife or native species. They exist only for themselves, and are not “stakeholders” in any sense, but attempt to profit in some antisocial and antiecological way from conservation efforts. They were certainly NOT the progenitors of preservation, but only an ad hoc group of takers from the land (or waters if commercial or recreational fishing groups are included) intending to profit at the expense of all other humans and the entire community of life so threatened now by human overpopulation and overtechnologized exploitation.
    Guns have been clearly shown by experience to be tools beyond the ethical capacity of humans to possess.
    Should subsistence hunters using only weapons of the type one can make oneself without access to mining, refining and other overexploitive industry, once again be the SOLE tools used, then and ONLY then should any individual or group taking animals for food be allowed to have ANY part in decisions about ONLY the animal species they need to survive, and CERTAINLY NOT any other species dependent upon the same animals for life.

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  7. Can we try and redo this petition, these psychopaths are getting away with a highly corrupt structure of legal murder, when we launch another petition, it has to meet the requirements of meeting 100,000 signatures in 30 days, we would have to promote the petition with some funding, that’s how it’s done unfortunately, but we all realize that is how the hunters are getting away with this through our Wildlife agencies, we have to stop them now, it’s getting worse, I spent a whole day standing in line to make a comment with thousands of others that wanted the ban on the GPS Dogs hunting, then they overturn in one obscure meeting, WTF kind of overt corruption is going on in our faces, and we have NO control????

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