Jimmy John Liautaud: Listen to Your Customers and Stop Your Trophy Hunting

Petitioning Jimmy John Liautaud

Listen to Your Customers and Stop Your Trophy Hunting

Petition by Mindy Everett
Oak Park, Illinois
The illegal killing of Cecil, a beloved African lion, put a spotlight on the horrors of trophy hunting. My family recently learned that Jimmy John’s restaurant’s founder and CEO, Jimmy John Liautaud, is a trophy hunter. We were outraged, and decided to stop eating at Jimmy John’s. But my seven-year-old daughter, Grace, wants us to do more. Grace wants to take action and get Jimmy John to end his trophy hunting.

Jimmy John’s is getting ready to take its company public — a huge moment for any business. It is being reported that the company will be valued at more than $2 billion. This is a great opportunity to let potential investors know what people think of Jimmy John’s trophy hunting. There may be some money in this investment, but is it worth supporting a man who kills endangered animals for sport?

Join Grace in calling on the founder and CEO of Jimmy John’s, Jimmy John Liautaud, to publicly commit to no longer participate in trophy hunting.  

This controversy surrounding Jimmy John is nothing new. Reports of Jimmy John Liautaud hunting big game came out in 2011. Now, with the issue resurfacing after the senseless killing of Cecil in July, we have an opportunity to put pressure on Mr. Liautaud.

Trophy hunting is defined as “a specific and selective legal form of wildlife use that involves payment for a hunting experience and the acquisition of a trophy by the hunter”. In simpler terms, big game hunting consists of wealthy people paying big bucks to slaughter animals for “fun”. Join me in showing my daughter that her voice can be heard. Please sign this petition and help put an end to Jimmy John Liautaud’s trophy hunting.

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