Wolves Flourish Where Humans Fear To Tread…

Howling For Justice

Chernobyl wolf Sergey Gashchak_Chornobyl Center

“A European gray wolf on the Ukrainian side of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.” Sergey Gashchak/Chornobyl Center

Chernobyl, one of the greatest disasters of the modern age, has turned into a haven for wildlife in just thirty years. How ironic, that a place uninhabited for decades, due to a catastrophic radiation spill at a Ukrainian power plant (which was then part of the USSR), is now a flourishing wildlife refuge, particularly for wolves. The explanation: NO HUMANS!

“It’s very likely that wildlife numbers at Chernobyl are much higher than they were before the accident,” a researcher says in a release. “This doesn’t mean radiation is good for wildlife, just that the effects of human habitation, including hunting, farming, and forestry, are a lot worse.”


In the eerie emptiness of Chernobyl’s abandoned towns, wildlife is flourishing

The sound was like nothing Tom Hinton had ever heard before: a chorus of baleful wolf…

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9 thoughts on “Wolves Flourish Where Humans Fear To Tread…

    • Sadly Louise, although they are not many, hunters and poachers have already started to invade Chernobyl but since it’s still highly radioactive their numbers are still small .

      Radioactive Wolves

  1. I guess that shows that human beings are more dangerous to wolves than radioactive waste. The animals are safer in Chernobyl than in Idaho. When I read some of the comments on Internet hunting sites around here, I’m appalled at how vile they are. I worry about the animals at Cocolalla with such people running loose.

  2. I don’t know if anyone else has seen it, but it represents more human behavior at the level of the demonic. It is a video showing Macedonian men torturing a wolf. As he was dying, one of the men stuck a cigarette in the wolf’s nose. I was sickened to view the behavior of those mindless degenerates and to know the world contains millions more like them. The dying wolf’s eyes seemed to show not just terror, pain but bewilderment at the horror of what was happening to him. This video reveals how delusional human beings can be in their belief that they are superior to other animals. No species but the human ones can know such depths of depravity.

    • What a dismal world. I suppose when their lives are bleak and shitty (the old adage nasty, short and brutal – and we’re not just talking about their looks and personalities), they can’t be expected to have any compassion for any other creature.

      Here we’re too worried about things like whether or not a football is filled properly with air (goes on for weeks) or what celebrities are doing, or whether Joe Biden is planning to run for President (who cares?)

      Get out your violins, folks – Palmer’s outfitter has thrown himself upon the mercy of the Zimbabwean court:


      • sorry, ‘nasty, short and brutish’. I don’t think I can watch, it just about turns my stomach. Hopefully, they’ll meet a similar fate somewhere along their nasty, short and brutish lives.

  3. I also wish they would stop reporting so positively about wildlife at Chernobyl! Numbers are up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have severe damage, or genetic damage. As usual, we and our media oversimplify things, and it also could mean that since ‘oh look, wildlife can recover’ that we won’t do anything about our dangerous activities (not that we ever would, but we don’t need any more encouragement!)

    Ugh. I am nauseated by the treatment of that poor wolf in Macedonia. He or she looks very small, probably just a pup. What scum to do this. And some of the comments are horrible – self-serving religious about the divine nature of mankind and the divine spark given to us by God. Apparently they have been arrested, but their names haven’t been released (yet). They should get a ‘divine spark’ alright, but not from God. 😦

  4. I agree. Sad think is that many of them will never get what they deserve and are probably too morally dense to ever be disgusted by their own behavior. And what kind of stupidity does it take to believe a “superior” being could torture an animal like that? Our ability to delude ourselves knows no limits and is responsible for most of the suffering on this earth.

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