Hunters shoot two elk – then realise they were firing through fence into zoo

1610111_10152194241138908_1599987755_n “A group of hunters in Norway have shot dead two elk – before
realising seconds later they were firing through a fence into the
animal’s enclosure in a zoo.”

11 thoughts on “Hunters shoot two elk – then realise they were firing through fence into zoo

  1. I know some of these idiots can’t tell a wolf from a coyote, but don’t they know the difference between being out in the woods and being in a zoo? They shouldn’t be running around loose.

  2. It was in a wildlifepark, not a zoo. They use high fences (sometimes painted green), not ironbars. Its not easy to see the fences at a distance in the woods. And the parks are usually located in the woods. Please read the whole article (its not long). When the hunters realised their mistake, they contacted the park and reported the situation. Im not a hunter, and i dont like hunting, but these hunters actually took respondsibility for their mistake. In norway we mostly hunt elk for their meat and to keep the elk-population enviromental sustainable. i use “we” because i am norwegian, and “mostly” because there are allways bad apples. These hunters are good apples. Dont just pull cases out of contekst to suit witchhunts, PLEASE! The biggest problem with hunters in Norway are those who shoot wolf, bears, bobcats and wolverines. In Norway you need a permit for hunting each of the animals. The permit tells you how many you are allowed to kill. But many kill these wonderful predators without a permit. Thats the cases you should make people aware of! And with all the contekst! Not just the part that suits your opinion or case. Do it the right way, with all the facts, please!

  3. I read the entire article because I couldn’t believe it at first. Surely people must be aware of or familiarize themselves with the area they will be hunting in before they pull the trigger? Do they not know the location of a nearby wildlife park? Nobody is singling out Norwegians, it’s the same in the good ol’ US of A too –

    • I didnt think anyone was singling out norwegians, just so thats clear 🙂 . Further more, they had a permit for hunting in the area the park was in. The dogs got in somehow, and so the hunters believed the elks in question was wild and outside of park property. When using these dogs, the dogs will stand close to the elk, barking and distracting the elg while allerting the hunter. since the dogs got inside the closure somehow, you may see how the mistake was made. My thought with the first comment was urging readers to look at all the facts because this site only offered a fraction of the real story. Besides, this kind of hunting is not purely for sport. If the elk-population gets to big, the affects on the enviroment, other species AND the elks are not good. This site is against killing for sport, and i do not see how this case is then relevant, since this kind of hunting is deemed a necessity for the welfare of an entire forest area and all within it. I believe taking every single thing regarding the death/killing of wildlife, toss it in a bag and call it by the same name, is wrong. I wrote that last part a bit bluntly, if i use the term correct. We have a good word for it, but its hard to translate. Lets just say, you cant put a soldier, a murderer and a doctor in the same bag just because people sometimes die at their hands. The situations of each Is usually very different. Sorry for the extremly long text. Its been a while since i last wrote about something im passionate about. Im usually the kind that keeps to reading others comments

  4. Reblogged this on Howling For Justice and commented:
    Denmark is earning quite the reputation, first Marius the giraffe is killed and dissected at the Copenhagen zoo in front of school children, then the Odense Zoo does the same thing with a nine month old male lion, dissecting and pulling out his organs in front of kids in a disgusting display, and now these idiots shooting at zoo animals. What the heck is going on in Denmark?

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