Does Back-Radiation “Heat” the Ocean? – Part One

The Science of Doom

In the three part series on DLR (also known as “back radiation”, also known as atmospheric radiation), Part One looked at the network of stations that measured DLR and some of the measurements, Part Two reviewed the spectra of this radiation, and Part Three asked whether this radiation changed the temperature of the surface.

Very recently, on another blog, someone asked whether I thought “back radiation” heated the ocean. I know from a prominent blog that a very popular idea in blog-land is that the atmospheric radiation doesn’t heat the ocean. I have never seen any evidence for the idea. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any..

See note 1 on “heat”.

The Basic Idea

From what I’ve seen people write about this idea, including the link above, the rough argument goes like this:

  • solar radiation penetrates tens of meters into the ocean
  • atmospheric radiation – much longer wavelengths –…

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