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Rainer Schorr, a real estate CEO, was named by three separate sources as the hunter who sparked global anger after killing what is thought to be the biggest elephant killed in Africa for almost 30 years.

PETA has named the man believed to be the German hunter who paid nearly £40,000 to shoot one of the largest elephants ever seen in ‪#‎Zimbabwe‬ as a property mogul in Berlin.

‪#‎PETA‬ in Germany offered a €1,000 (£730) reward to anyone who could identify the German ‪#‎hunter‬ photographed posing with the body of the huge elephant that was circulated widely online after the Telegraph revealed the animal had been killed as a ‪#‎trophy‬ on a private shoot.

In a case that echoes the furore that erupted after ‪#‎Cecil‬ the lion was shot by an American dentist, 55-year-old ‪#‎Schorr‬ paid $60,000 (£39,000) for a permit to ‪#‎hunt‬ a large bull ‪#‎elephant‬.



    • In the end, nothing happened to Palmer, and he even has his dental practice open again. There has to be a special hell for these kinds of people.

      • Yeah, ain’t that the truth! The media has moved on to coverage of the next two-headed calf story and all the public opprobrium has seemed to abate. The firestorm of indignation and threats on social media has proved about as substantial as a “fart in the wind”. The guy is strutting around, free as a bird, talking about returning to Zimbabwe. Safari Club International and the NRA seem as untouchable as ever. What does all that say about the public’s attention span? And about the animal rights community’s commitment to extracting justice for Cecil? In the face of pure unbridled evil, ineffectual hand-wringing seems about all it is capable of mustering.

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