Daughter of Lion Killer Walter Palmer May Have “Daddy Issues”



By Dominick Mezzapesa

Tonette Palmer, has joined her beloved Walter in hiding even since he was revealed to have slaughtered the prized and beloved Lion, Cecil.

The mother-of-two seemingly shares her husband’s blood-lust for killing wildlife, with public records revealing that she has held as many as seven sport licenses entitling her to fish in Florida and hunt in Alaska – See more at: http://www.wildlifeplanet.net/wife-of-despised-lion-killer-walter-palmer-is-also-a-butcher-of-defenses-animals.html#sthash.dnHOXWqy.dpuf

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Leaving behind their two children, 23-year-old Walter James Jr and 27-year-old Natalie to fend for themselves.

When looking over the life of the murdering moron, we discovered something very strange and to me quite disturbing.

27-year-old Natalie Palmer-Botes, a champion ballroom dancer married her 57-year-old business partner, Paul Botes, in December 2012.

Now a woman marrying someone twice her age is unsettling, but we found it kind of weird and might I say disturbing is that Natalie’s husband looks eerily similar to her daddy, Walter.

Of course, what is absolutely Disturbing is on their website acballroom.com in the about us section is states “Paul was a professional ballroom dancer since 1988,” Natalie in 1988 was “3” and still sucking her bottle and pooping in her diapers… The good news is The Circle of Life will once again rear it’s ugly head because soon (If he hasn’t started already) Paul will be pooping in his diapers

Wonder what they talk about?
Paul: “Man, I remember 1988 The Damn Mets lost to the LA Dodgers and stinkin Orel Hershiser”
Natalie: “I burped up peas all over my moms new dress”

Don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say, dear, sweet, Natalie may have some unresolved Daddy Issues that she needs to deal with.

– See more at: http://www.wildlifeplanet.net/daughter-of-lion-killer-walter-palmer-may-have-daddy-issues.html#sthash.lDJFDvcM.dpuf


16 thoughts on “Daughter of Lion Killer Walter Palmer May Have “Daddy Issues”

    • I guess their arrogance and sense of entitlement means any animal they want is fair “game” to them. If they believe they have a right to control life and death, rules may not mean much.

  1. Sweetest thing ever:

    “Meet the grandcubs.

    Before his untimely demise at the hands of an American hunter, Cecil the lion led a pride that included no less than six lionesses and 12 cubs on the plains of Zimbabwe.

    So, it comes as little surprise that his meandering oats have blossomed into these balls of fur and fury. These little bundles of roar. These … these …”


  2. I really don’t care who a person loves or is loved by – same sex, opposite sex, older or younger as long as they are of consenting age and mental capacity, different race, religion or culture. A loving relationship is a gift for both humans involved.

    The entitlement of humans think they over animals (which conveniently does not include care and responsibility towards them, only exploitation), and trying to improve things for the animals is the extent of my interest.

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