Illegal hunter killed by lions


An illegal hunter was killed and four others barely escaped when they were attacked by two lions on a game farm earlier this week.


The incident occurred at just after 21:00 on Wednesday evening when the five hunters from the Namakgale area near Phalaborwa set out with their dogs on an illegal hunt.

Three of the men escaped by climbing into a tree. According to reports two of the hunting dogs were also killed. The four hunters who survived the attack have not yet been arrested.

Provincial SAPS spokesperson, Col Ronel Otto, confirmed the incident and said that an inquest docket has been opened. It is unclear at this stage how many dogs were used but no firearms were found.

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7 thoughts on “Illegal hunter killed by lions

    • Yes, sad about hunting dogs, who are only doing what they have been trained to do, and being an animal descended from pack predators. These men probably don’t care a whit about them, and I’ve heard that contrary to the sob stories we hear about hunting dogs ‘being part of the family’ – if they don’t show aptitude for hunting or get old, they are abandoned or shot by some lovely hunters. They are the ones who put their dogs in harm’s way intentionally.

      • In my humble opinion, any human being who respects other non-human living beings would never hunt them or use dogs in the hunting process. I am quite sure that these hunters do NOT care at all about either their hunting dogs or any other living beings for that matter. Their only concern is their own well-being. Typical homo sapiens.


  1. It is sad about the dogs who had no choice in the matter. As to the hunters, all of them should have received their karma.

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