Florida bear hunt to become annual event

Florida bear hunt to become annual event



7 thoughts on “Florida bear hunt to become annual event

  1. I hope they can get an accurate population count, now that has been royally screwed up and I doubt we’ll ever have an accurate picture of the bear population in Florida. Nice work, guys. Never has anything been so messed up. Florida is not a hunting state, obviously. They don’t seem to remember how anymore, or what it is. It’s not an excuse to go postal on bears.

    A respectable hunter does not walk up to a blind elderly bear and shoot it. For every teddy bear hugger, there’s a murderous killer (or more) as well.

    “On Save The Florida Black Bears, the heartbreaking account of Grandfather Bear’s death echoed through the forest as a hunter walked right up to the old bear and blew his life away with a gun. The bear lived miles and miles away from any civilization, and never caused one bit of trouble. He never roamed the country streets or turned over neighbors’ garbage cans; Grandfather Bear was a denizen of the forest, and someone came into his life on Sunday afternoon and watched the old bear die a horrific death.”

    How can anyone excuse this ‘poor (or nonexistent) sportsmanship’?


  2. “The POLITICO Florida analysis of records for 170 bears killed showed 68 were males and 102 were females. Of the 102 females, 28 were lactating, according to the analysis.
    The records were provided in response to a request under Florida’s public records law and phone calls to agency officials on Friday. Agency officials in Tallahassee said they were awaiting more bear kill reports from around the state and expected to receive them in the mail next week.”

    I doubt this free-for-all will be repeated next year. Thanks for the laugh, I needed one. Just the thought of one of those leering jeering probably drunken sacks harassing that old bear makes me want to puke. Absolute scum. Completely out of control, and an emergency cease fire had to be called.


    • All the deaths are sad, but the fate of that old bear is so hard to think about. So he lived to a venerable age, supposedly safe in his habitat, and then had has life violently taken by some throwback. Killing the bear tells me everything I need to know about the character of that hunter and those of his ilk. They are the reason I support Planned Parenthood.

      I wish people would not forget about that bear and make him a symbol of all that is ugly in humanity and all that is innocent in the animals we destroy. We should remember him and Cecil and all the rest to keep us fighting against their killers.

  3. Yes, I apologize for going on so much, I actually do find a lot to love about the so-called “Redneck” culture, and I’m so proud of those Floridians who are fighting this – but heartless and cruel killers of any stripe I cannot stand. Apologies. This poor bear.

  4. A few of those psycho lunatics even killed cubs, despite the fact it was prohibited. One of them tried to sneak his prize past the game warden at one of the checkpoints by stuffing the cub into a cooler, but he was caught. The cub only weighed 42 pounds. The hunt regulations prohibited the killing of bears that weighed less than 100 pounds. I believe the warden confiscated the cub from the wildlife jihadist who ended his/her life.

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