Ryan: Boy Scout or Dangerous Psychopath?

Exposing the Big Game

Today the Huffington Post covered Paul Ryan’s mixed record on the outdoors. Of course right-leaning bowhunters were thrilled about their candidate’s choice for a running mate (yes, the majority of hunters are red-state Republicans, but they do come in all political stripes.) It’s no surprise that the NRA gave him an ‘A’ rating. Hailed as “the last Boy Scout” by none other than Rush Limbaugh, Ryan must have earned his merit badges in cruelty to animals, pandering to weapons manufacturers and “virtuous” selfishness (one of the only two bills Ryan has ever ushered into law during his congressional career was a cap on excise tax on bowhunting equipment).

Sure, presidential candidates pandering to gun lobbies or seeking to secure the sportsmen’s vote is nothing new.  From the likes of Teddy Roosevelt with his head-hunting safaris here and in Africa, to John Kerry with his backfiring cammo-clad goose-hunt-media-stunt, to Dick Cheney blindly blasting at birds (spraying lead at anything or anyone that moves),  politicians have shamelessly…

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One thought on “Ryan: Boy Scout or Dangerous Psychopath?

  1. I notice the Huffington Post article isn’t showing any comments! I hate the thought that more public land could be tied up for hunters and ATVs. Some of the land is under BLM control. So I’m wondering what animal habitat it includes and if it means the displacement of more wild horses. What a way to balance the budget–letting the wealthy buy public land for their playground, or killing ground, as the case may be.

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