More Denial, More Problems: UN Predicts Millions of Climate Refugees to Come

Monday, 02 November 2015 00:00
Written by 
Dahr Jamail By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

Cars drive through flooded streets in Miami, Florida, in an undated photo. (Photo via Shutterstock)Cars drive through flooded streets in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Joseph Sohm /

This year continues on pace to become, by far, the hottest year ever recorded. Thus, it is obvious why the dramatic impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) are becoming increasingly prevalent and obvious.

A recent NASA report reveals that the ice covering Greenland is melting faster than previously thought. If all the ice in Greenland melts completely, it alone would raise the global sea level by 23 feet.

Global sea level increases due to ACD are already a key factor in why we are seeing so many instances of increased coastal flooding. The record flooding in South Carolina is an example of what scientists have been warning us about for quite some time: ACD is causing more moisture to become absorbed into the atmosphere as it warms, leading to record rainfalls, increasingly powerful storms and, hence, record flooding. What happened in South Carolina, which is now the sixth 1,000-year flooding event to happen in the United States since 2010, provides a clue about the nonlinear abrupt climate disruption the planet is now experiencing.

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In fact, a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows, stunningly, that 400 US cities are already going to be swamped by rising sea levels no matter what mitigation measures are taken to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. The study also showed that New York City could be unlivable for this reason in a matter of decades. (This tool can be used to help you determine the fate of your city, if you live anywhere near the coast.)

The Republican Party in the US is the only party that continues to deny the reality of climate disruption.

The UN recently released a report warning that we will likely see upward of 50 million climate refugees within the next decade. That is the equivalent of taking the entire populations of the 11 most populous US cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose and Austin – and doubling them.

I’ve reported in previous dispatches on the massive craters on Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, which scientists have reported are caused by methane explosions from melting permafrost. A recent report warns that more craters are expected to form as the permafrost continues to melt, meaning that huge periodic bursts of methane into the atmosphere will both continue and increase. …



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