End Nevada Killing Contests

from Project Coyote.org

Last year, Project Coyote led a successful effort to close the loopholes that permitted wildlife killing contests in California targeting “furbearing” and “nongame mammals” (coyotes, bobcats, foxes among other species frequently targeted in such contests). On December 4, 2014, the California Fish and Game Commission voted to end this barbaric practice.

Now we are working to repeat this success in other states and we need your help. This coming Friday our Nevada Representative, Leah Sturgis and other Project Coyote volunteers and supporters will testify before the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission in support of a petition to end wildlife killing contests statewide.  We are mobilizing a grassroots effort to support this petition (you can read more about that effort here). We also have ongoing litigation in Idaho challenging killing contests on public lands.


3 thoughts on “End Nevada Killing Contests

    • All the Interior Dept. has done under the Obama Adm is to make monuments to human achievements, and some dubious. Whatever happened to making a national park for the solely to celebrate and protect of wildlife and wildlands? They really are mind-bogglingly clueless. I cannot wait until they pack up and leave.

  1. We would love to work with Project Coyote, but unless your group has stopped “collaborating” and trying to “appease ranchers” with the livestock industry, we cannot. Let us know when you come out publicly Against All Public Lands Ranching here in the West. Until that happens, groups that continue to support this environmentally-destructive industry in anyway, should not be supported, and should not claim to be “helping wildlife.”
    It is time for groups, including Project Coyote, to decide which side they are on, period. You cannot be on both sides of the fence. Your group knows full well that the Livestock Industry is behind these wildlife killing contests. If you do not know this, you should be ashamed.

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