Indonesian orangutans freed from rich wildlife criminals

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This video, recorded in Indonesia, says about itself:

Hercules the Orangutan – Orangutan Diary – BBC

20 September 2012

Wildlife conservationist Lone Drøscher Nielsen interacts with Hercules, a rescued Orangutan who has been allowed to roam one of the river islands near Lone’s Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands, report by Michel Maas:

Kidnapped orangutans back in Indonesia after years

Today, 08:19

One cannot see them, the orangutans returned yesterday from Thailand to Indonesia. The apes are on the runway in hermetically sealed boxes and photographers have to settle for the fingers which the animals occasionally put through a viewing slot.

The arrival of the orangutans is an event. Even the Indonesian Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar, is there to welcome them. There are only fourteen of them, but they can help to keep the population of the species stable, says the minister.


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3 thoughts on “Indonesian orangutans freed from rich wildlife criminals

  1. Poor Hercules! I’m glad he is out of the cage and that the others are safe also. Just more of our victims. Our population is the one that should be going down, but instead we endanger the rest.

  2. Thank God! These poor animals, it is hellish the way we treat other living beings.

    As far as meat-eating, abuse and cruelty is inherent in it, especially at the rate these poor animals are slaughtered to feed our useless sack multitudes. Who do they get to work in these places? Good people made In the image of God indeed. Let’s just keep telling ourselves fiction. Watch at your own risk, I couldn’t, but just reading is enough to upset:

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