Back to Normal

It’s nice to see by this morning’s news that everything is back to ‘normal,’ at least in terms of humans being shot at in Paris. You wouldn’t know the ‘act of war’ was over around here. I’m hearing just as many semi-automatic shotgun blasts out there as I did yesterday.

Maybe more, in fact. Being a Saturday during goose and duck hunting season, it sounds like every waterfowl hunter in the neighborhood has declared war on our aquatic avian friends.

Someone must have set up a duck blind nearby. Yesterday they were out blasting at birds all day, right through the torrential rainstorm that should have been a duck’s delight.

Yes, everything’s back to normal today, but If this killing of animals by the hundreds is ‘normal,’ why are we so shocked when humans go after each other?

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved


9 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Nothing is “normal” in such a cruel world. It’s not normal to kill animals, it’s not normal to kill people. But for most humans is perfectly normal and acceptable destroy lives on daily basis

  2. One of the few sane, unafraid sites, that gives Solace, is yours, Jim,… I had just remarked a day before to a friend, (when discussing the State of The World) that it wouldn’t be long before another massacre takes place. Surprise! Things are escalating around the world, as population pressures, starvation, habitat loss, gun violence increases.
    Our species (John A. Livingston understood), is truly savage, always has been. Of course, there are exceptions, but, overall the species is doomed. The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of self & planetary destruction must have been implanted in the brain from the beginning.
    Perhaps Freud was correct in his description of the ID: “The id is the only part of personality that is present at birth. Freud also suggested that this primitive component of personality existed completely within the unconscious. The id acts as the driving force behind personality.”
    I do not feel I do enough to help our fellow non-humans, but everyday I reaffirm the need to do so. The enormity of it all….
    With the latest statistics coming in from around the world, and in our own western back yards, regarding the increasing assaults on other species and their habitat, is of crisis proportions, nothing less. Yet, more “wildlife/environmental” groups continue to appease the hunting /livestock industries–more often than not, one and the same. More wolf killing in Oregon, more here in New Mexico, more wild horses rounded up and sold to Mexico slaughterhouses—and for what? Because livestock ranchers, on public lands, ( which don’t “belong” to them), demand removal of the wild native species. Very few groups, except, one being the Wild Horse Protection folks, recognize the horrendous political power the public lands ranchers have, holding sway over what is left of our wild places.

    I will stop here, as I am in the midst of writing an article on this, which will be sent out, even to the very groups who continue to bow down, & kiss the butts, of these habitat and wildlife killers. I am sorry you must hear the gun fire, Jim, as it must be heartbreaking knowing that those killers have the law on their side, not yours.

  3. I think I’ve quoted this before, but the occasion keeps coming up where it is apropos. Robert Ardrey, in African Genesis, made this observation: “But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides.”

    There is nothing I love more than the sight and sound of wild geese flying over. I always hope and pray that they will make it to their destination. The fact that people can blast them out of the sky tells me that our weapons have evolved more than our minds.

  4. Hunters are psychos!! We are not cavemen last I checked!! By now we should’ve evolved to the point of humanity and civilized beings that we no longer need to do sh*t like this?!!!

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