For the Quarter-Billion Animals Killed Today


11 thoughts on “For the Quarter-Billion Animals Killed Today

  1. Yes, killing is killing, suffering is suffering…for human and non-human Animals. To begin with, GO VEGAN….the only sane and safe way for ALL!

  2. There should be memorials. Those are lives, not statistics, not steaks and roasts and hot dogs. Most suffered from the time they were born until the time they died. That their suffering goes unrecognized is a disgrace. It is equally disgraceful that their sacrifice was unnecessary. We do not need to eat meat.

    Several years ago I had a memorial placed at Farm Sanctuary that reads: ” In memory of those no one loved.” It was a way to recognize lives that passed unnoticed and to help provide for rescued animals.

  3. Thank you for finally recognizing this daily atrocity
    It is truly a holocaust
    And it needs to stop
    Just like slavery
    It can be stopped
    Everyday working towards its abolition and notifying folks everyday what we are doing
    Bless these beautiful beings

  4. There a museum commemorating the 6 million Jewish people murdered during the Nazi holocaust- as there should be. There are no museums, no recollection for the innominate beings globally murdered every second of every day.
    Most disappointing and disturbing is that the Holocaust museum refuses to sell Charles Patterson’s book Eternal Treblinka. So even they have an untermenschen mentality.

  5. People do not realize how many animals die , animals are just as important as humans are , not many people get it, they just take animals for granted !

  6. What bothers me is how mindless it all is. We’re like some kind of awful mechanism. At some point, we’ll end up washed up in Gilligan’s boat like in the new post today, and we’ll have brought it all on ourselves.

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