Demand Climate Action


As we all reel from the terrorist attacks in Paris, our hearts go out to the victims of this unspeakable violence.

These attacks happened just weeks before hundreds of world leaders gather in Paris for the UN Climate Summit — or COP21.

The UN has announced that the climate summit will continue. World leaders, including President Obama, still plan on attending to lay out their plans for confronting the growing dangers of climate change.

Climate change is a threat to our common destiny — a threat to the global good. With so much at stake, it’s vital that the world works together now to solve the climate crisis.

So please sign the petition to Demand Climate Action from world leaders meeting at COP21 in Paris.

Already, over 150 countries are coming with commitments to act for a clean energy future.

These nations are working together to ensure we keep the planet from heating by another two degrees Celsius. That rise in temperature would be enough to turn our agricultural heartlands into deserts… increase the frequency of extreme droughts and torrential floods… and impact everything from what we eat to where we live.

In short, two degrees changes everything about how we live on this planet.

But when the margin between success and failure is so slim, it also means that one person can make a difference.

So if you’re ready to Demand Climate Action, add your voice here.

When we work together, amazing things happen. Last year, NRDC supporters helped send a record 8 million letters supporting the U.S.’s first-ever limits on climate-wrecking carbon pollution from power plants. Now, President Obama is taking the Clean Power Plan to Paris as the cornerstone of our climate action blueprint.

The progress you’ve helped us achieve puts us on the verge of doing something big and lasting — and now your voice can make a difference globally.

Sign the petition to Demand Climate Action — and we’ll deliver your name and the names of millions of other signers to world leaders in Paris.


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