Yellowstone National Park proposes to kill 1,000 bison

Yellowstone National Park proposes to kill roughly 1,000 wild bison this winter – mostly calves and females – as officials seek to curb the animals’ annual migration into Montana.

Park officials will meet Thursday with representatives of American Indian tribes, the state and other federal agencies to decide on the plan. It marks the continuation of a controversial 2000 agreement between Montana and the federal government that calls for killing bison to prevent the spread of disease to livestock.

Almost 5,000 bison roamed the park this summer. A harsh winter could drive thousands into areas of southwestern Montana.

Hunters, including from tribes with treaty rights in the Yellowstone area, are anticipated to kill more than 300 of the animals. Others would be captured for slaughter or research purposes.



7 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park proposes to kill 1,000 bison

  1. We need to call YELLOWSTONE national park and tell them not be the ones that cave for the Ranching interests so they can have the migratory lands of the bison…Stand strong Yellowstone and defend your precious buffalo …
    They truly are the natives of the land, not the cattle interests …they are America’s heritage ..Don’t kill these beautiful beings because of the taking of their native lands. Fight the cattle business and stand strong for the Bison now

  2. The Park seems to be going to hell in a handbasket – killing grizzlies for being grizzles, visitors ‘can choose’ to carry bear spray (gag), and the continual slaughter of buffalo. I hope I don’t ever witness some idiot taking a selfie near bison, because if I didn’t respect the hot springs so much, I’d toss that cell phone right into a boiling pool. 😦

  3. You are so right, Rebecca, about the ranchers. When I visited the park several years back, I was told just how bad it was up there, even though Yellowstone is a gem, and a “refuge” compared to many other places. But, as soon as wildlife leave this park, they are targets for the livestock industry, and we know how badly wolves and other carnivores are treated, if they try to migrate. Yes, we must Fight the Livestock Industry–which I keep repeating probably too many times even on this site (thank you, Jim!), but I just keep saying it over and over. The problem is that this industry is very entrenched politically, & is has its ranchers on many local, state boards, such as Game Departments, and of course, has its cronies in Federal positions as well. I criticize the wildlife groups who continue to appease this environmentally-destructive industry, who actually work with ranchers, and have them on their boards, along with the hunters, who are often hunter/ranchers.
    I would love to start a serious movement, action, against this industry, because it is destroying millions of acres of wild public lands and millions of native wild animals. Perhaps we need to put consistent, strong pressure on such groups who call themselves wildlife “defenders, advocates, protection, etc. I’m interested, but we need just a few good people to get this going. This effort to put pressure on so-called “wildlife” groups is just the beginning and we will need to do a lot more. Here in NM we just had the Game Commission (loaded with hunter/ranchers) increase mountain lion & bear slaughter, not to mention completely negating any plan for Mexican Wolf Recovery.
    Please visit: Would love to hear from you–and others!

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