Thanksgiving request: Thinking about somebody outside ourselves

Thanksgiving request: Thinking about somebody outside ourselves

from Susie Duncan Sexton

description Share, share, share and care, care, care, and stop eating animals? May your days be merry and bright IF you care about all species every second! Let’s get shelter animals homes and stop breeding farm animals and teaching children to kill – and terrorism can get nipped in the bud.

Dammit…it is the TRUTH! Thinking about somebody outside ourselves…and stopping the slaughter of animals? That is the perfect start to CALMING DOWN, folks! Lord have mercy on us all.


The secret of life? Embracing all who live WHILE we live. We are only here for a few seconds after all. Make some kind of fabulous difference? Thanks for reading! And vote for Hillary, too!



15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving request: Thinking about somebody outside ourselves

  1. We use a wonderfully delicious “Ouorn” product called Turk’y Loaf, easy to bake, and tastes better than the “real thing.” with even meat eaters raving about it. While I love most other “Tofurky” products, the Quorn Products do a great, very tasty job with this loaf and the “naked chik’n products, as well. We do not go to Whole Foods, but we find these products in our little supermart (Brooks) and they are happy to stock things like this upon request. Also, “Natural Grocers” chains carry it. If you do not have such stores, ask the other chains to carry it.
    Everyone, please have a wonderful, meat-free Gaian day.

  2. I can’t stand what the holidays have become. Just exercises in gluttony, mass slaughter, and making money, and mindless driving traveling like a bunch of automatons. The basic idea of Thanksgiving is a beautiful thing (thanks to our lovely Native people), but what we’ve turned it into is Thanksgetting – and the atrocities and genocide are just appalling the more I learn about our brutal history taking over this country. It would be one thing if it stopped, but it hasn’t!!!!!

    I usually keep my celebrations low-key and restrained.

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