premieres in more than 220 countries and territories around the world Wednesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery. The biggest factor in mass…
Added on 12/01/15
Racing Extinction – documentary and videoFYI

RACING EXTINCTION premieres in more than 220 countries and territories around the world tonight, Wednesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery –

Watch a short preview of tonight’s show – Livestock Create a Major Methane Problem –

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8 thoughts on “RACING EXTINCTION

  1. Yes, this presentation is by far the best yet, on overall, planetary species’ extinction. It is sickening to see and know what Homo sapiens is actively doing to destroy this planet and halt the process of evolution. No wild species will be left at this rate. The Earth is becoming a warming, barren shell, devoid of the wild things, and will become a Domesticated Wasteland, teeming with Homo sapiens, poisoning everything. A healthy planet cannot exist with almost half of its oceanic plankton already dead.

      • Jim, I believe a DVD will be coming out soon. It is also being repeated on Discovery channel, as well as the other channels within the Discovery Network, including Animal Planet which aired it again last night. Hope you’ll get to see it.
        North Western NM has what is believed to be the largest Methane Plume seen from space. Not only is this area full of oil, gas development, but ranching is a big component there–lots of Native American ranching as well, including sheep ranching. I have started coughing much more in the past couple years, as this plume has increased.


  2. So cattle-caused methane is another assault on the earth brought about by the mindlessly burgeoning human population. And as the factory farms keep increasing their living units of production to satisfy human consumption, the methane helps heat the atmosphere.

    The main problem is not that cows produce methane. The real problem is that the animals are born only to be exploited, abused, and killed–billions of beings whose only invitation to the banquet of life on this earth is to be the main dish.

  3. Also: Regarding the methane. It is not just the animals factories. The amount of methane produced on Western Public Lands is enormous, along with the massive, on-going wildlife slaughter in the millions, every year. The Livestock Industry here in the west will do whatever it can to discount this, but when one looks at the vastness of western public lands, and the huge amount of grazing on them, the public lands destruction to the ecosystems’ soil, air, water and wildlife is far worse than anything else. These public lands are the last hope for wild plant and animal species.

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