Captain Paul Watson and Pamela Anderson Praise Newly Elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Pamela AndersonPamela AndersonSea Shepherd Conservation Society Founder Captain Paul Watson and actress/activist Pamela Anderson have written a congratulatory letter to Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, referring to his election as akin to “a warm return of spring after a bitterly long winter.” Captain Watson and Anderson, both native Canadians, have a history of working together on international conservation issues, including the Canadian seal hunt.

Prime Minister Trudeau was recently elected after former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s many years of discounting the importance of environmental protection. Captain Watson and Anderson address the immediate need to not only “repair the damage that has been done” to fisheries, oceanic ecosystems and the environment, but to also “protect the ecological heritage of the far north.”

Anderson, who became chair of Sea Shepherd’s Board of Directors earlier this week, is a long-time Sea Shepherd supporter, and dear friend of Captain Watson. She has not only dedicated her time and resources to protecting human and animal rights, and environmental conservation, but she has also bravely fought alongside Sea Shepherd defending marine species on the frontlines.

Now, the Canadian people and moreover, the world, are hopeful Canada will play a greater role in protecting the environment, allowing for a brighter future for all. Sea Shepherd and the Pamela Anderson Foundation extend their interest, commitment and resources to partner with Prime Minister Trudeau’s new administration for the greater good.

PDFPaul Watson and Pamela Anderson’s Letter

Captain Paul Watson with a seal in front of the Sea Shepherd IICaptain Paul Watson with a seal in front of the Sea Shepherd


5 thoughts on “Captain Paul Watson and Pamela Anderson Praise Newly Elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

  1. I hope their optimism is justified. Now, if we could just someone in the US that would actually do something, someone besides a Ken Salazar or Sally Jewell. Guess the verdict is still out on her, but the last I heard was that she bought hybrid vehicles for the department. Okay. But what about the animals, wilderness, etc.?

      • I don’t think it’s only cattle and oil, but recreation too – she’s the people’s interests first, just like her boss. I’ve not heard her mention wildlife once, except how to decrease it such as wild horses who she thinks breed too quickly, using science to manage wolves (yeah, right), how humans can ‘have it all’ with regard to balancing our interests and protecting sage grouse habitat (we can’t.). I never thought she was a good choice, and the clueless media has portrayed her as an environmentalist simply because she’s an outdoor recreation enthusiast. It’s a one-way street with her, I’m afraid. I’m afraid the media reflects the general public. Counting the minutes till she resigns.

        In her own way, she’s one of our worst Interior secretaries. Right now she’s bargaining away sage grouse habitat with Nevada’s governor – a new school, cemetery, water tank, in addition to the big threats like oil and gas development and wind and solar farms, you name it, all come before protecting sage grouse.

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