Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Guide (Theo Bronkhorst) Arrested

Cecils Pride



**UPDATE- Sept 18 2015- Bronkhorst has just been released and his SMUGGLING CHARGES DROPPED**


Zimbabwe cops just arrested the professional hunter Walter Palmer hired for his trip to kill Cecil the Lion.

Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who carried out the planning and tracking of Cecil the Lion for Walter Palmer was arrested AGAIN earlier today after he was caught smuggling 29 sable antelope worth $348,000 into South Africa (possibly to Canned Hunting Camps). His truck was trying to cross the Zimbabewan border in the middle of the night when it became stuck in the mud (karma). Police arrested Bronkhorst and two other co-conspirators and recovered the 29 live antelopes as well as over a dozen animal trophies.

Originally arrested in August, charged with a failure to prevent an illegal hunt and released on bail with a court date on September 28th. Bronkhorst’s recent illegal act is definitely going to affect his court case in a few…

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