Tis the ugly season of prevalent trapping!

Recently a missing Golden was caught in a trap for 3 days up Sweeney Creek Loop, Florence area. She broke off several teeth biting the leghold trap to try to free herself. Her foot was badly swollen. She has been reunited with her owner.

Today, Sunday, a 30 lb dog, Molly, is now reported missing up Sweeney Creek. On Wed, Dec 15th, the legal trapping of wolves in Montana begins resulting in a whole new arsenal of leghold weaponry of mass destruction will be out on the lands.

Trappers are not required to assist trapped pets. They only have to report any they trap within 24 hrs to FWP. They have no required trap check interval though, except for wolf trap sets must be visibly checked every 48 hours.

Be sure to check with the regional Montana FWP office if your pet is missing. To see contact numbers visit our website at http://www.trapfreemt.org/about-trapping/incidental-trapped-dog-reports-montana

Please share with us any areas of known, spotted or suspicious trapping.

Thank you Friends of Trap Free Montana Public Lands

12 thoughts on “Tis the ugly season of prevalent trapping!

  1. If you desire to see an end to this cruelty support..”http://montanatrapfree.org” and donate and/or volunteer to help out by gathering signatures. This will be a huge first step to protect wolves and other wildlife in Montana.

  2. This initiative (I-177) needs support from any and all conservation organizations in Montana, yet we have the largest wolf advocacy group in Montana, “https://www.facebook.com/Wolves-of-the-Rockies-166227613433097/, namely Wolves of the Rockies that doesn’t seem interested in supporting it. So if you are one of the 100,000 or so members, please urge that organization to get on board with this initiative if they actually desire to protect wolves

  3. Thank you for sharing Trap Free Montana Public Lands work. We continue our efforts in exposing the indiscriminate cruelties of trapping, the many wrongs with it in Montana, while we provide an ongoing reference for credible current information about trapping. More to come.

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