Great News! Wolves Still Considered Endangered


WOLVES WIN! Endangered gray wolves will remain protected after some members of Congress failed in their attempt to use the government spending bill to remove Endangered Species Act protections last night.

This is incredibly good news for the gray wolf, which is just now starting to make a comeback across the United States where it used to roam freely. We cannot stress enough that all of you who made phone calls, signed our petitions and tweeted at your members of congress are responsible for this major win. The endangered gray wolves thank you!

16 thoughts on “Great News! Wolves Still Considered Endangered

  1. Let us now remain very alert–we can never trust the poiticians!
    Speaking of Trophy Hunting: Here in NM we are working on a rally against trophy hunting & trapping (a woman just had her dog injured in one this week, & now has become an “activist”–we will contact her!) This lst rally is set for Feb. 6th, and we plan more. This will take place at the Santa Fe, NM Capitol building-usually nicknamed the “merry roundhouse.” Please, if anyone is in NM or knows of anybody, please have them contact us at –thanks to all of you!!

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