America’s Sentient Beings


Last week, I posted a piece about reclassifying dogs in America as sentient beings rather than mere property. Many comments blasted my suggestion: treat dogs like children? That’s ridiculous.

Or is it?

I openly call my dogs my babies. I think of them as family.




8 thoughts on “America’s Sentient Beings

  1. I agree with the article in Huffington Post. But it shows us how far we have to go when we have to proclaim living, breathing beings as “sentient” to distinguish them in our minds and legal system from “property.”

  2. Absolutely! I have 6 cats, 1 rat & 1 hamster and I proudly call them my kids! I absolutely agree that all life matters and all life is precious and that we should educate ourselves about the rights of animals and their oppression by mankind. We should take action where we can to remove ourselves from the equations of cruelty.

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