Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 36-72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole


We’ve probably never seen weather like what’s being predicted for a vast region stretching from the North Atlantic to the North Pole and on into the broader Arctic this coming week. But it’s all in the forecast — an Icelandic low that’s stronger than most hurricanes featuring a wind field stretching over hundreds and hundreds of miles. One that taps warm tropical air and hurls it all the way to the North Pole and beyond during Winter time. And it all just reeks of a human-forced warming of the Earth’s climate…

Freak North Atlantic Storm Featuring Extremely Low Pressures

Sunday afternoon, a powerful, hurricane force low pressure system was in the process of rounding the southern tip of Greenland. This burly 960 mb beast roared out of an increasingly unstable Baffin Bay on Christmas. As it rounded Greenland and entered the North Atlantic, it pulled behind it a thousand-mile-wide gale…

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7 thoughts on “Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 36-72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole

  1. Unfortunately, climate denial has been going on with this government and most others around the world for decades. All the so-called “Climate Conferences” have been meaningless. This species is insane, and in denial, except for those living in areas where the ocean is already surging in, or where extremes of weather are now taking hold.
    It is clear that major weather patterns are now shifting, with very cold, icy & windy weather, while the poles are warming. This cannot be undone now, but what we humans can try to do, is help as Nature & her wild species as much as we can. Bird migrations are already changing, to try to adapt to the extreme weather patterns, but it is very difficult for non-humans to migrate now, because our species is ubiquitous, and remaining wild places are in decline. Here in NM, we are experiencing climate change, but most humans have a very short attention span.Most people have forgotten the extreme drought, now with extreme cold, wind and in some areas, loads of snow (Roswell, NM down south, has several feet of snow. Roswell never had to use snow plows before. What used to be called “Spring Tornadoes,” we now see multi-tornado systems in Texas and other areas in winter, along with icy fogs. Things are changing very fast now.


    • And this is just the beginning– Mother Nature has to get drastic in her efforts to shake off the plague species that are trying their darned to succeed at all costs, even if it means committing matricide in their own infancy. Mass extinction is the result of human overpopulation and unmitigated success.

      • Yes, Jim. You have said it so well, as usual. This is it, and more to come, but they will still deny. Just learned of a methane plume in L.A. area. We have one (right now the largest ever seen from space) coming out of Farmington, NM. and who knows just how much it is affecting us all. Down in the Bosque del Apache wildlife “refuge” (hunting allowed), there is big decline in migrating birds, that usually come there in winter. Thank you for this blog, and for not having hunters on it. They have enough venues as it is, with other “wildlife” groups.

      • Jim, we have noticed a general Raptor population decline down there and also in our area around Santa Fe. The marvelous Ferruginous hawk, once more numerous, has greatly decline due to the slaughter of its main prey, prairie dogs. In the past, before the climate shift, we would see scores of bald eagles, but these last few years, only a few. We did see one at the Bosque. Crane and Snow Geese were present, but the water in the lakes is way down, so many did not migrate down there. The ranchers get the water first.
        You are a wonderful photographer, and I am sure you must have taken some great photos in the Bosque. The Bosque apparently now has 2-3 female mountain lions, and perhaps a male that is visiting from time to time. One female may have kittens, but no one is saying for sure. I just hope they leave them alone. Now, here in NM, lions can be trapped and also otherwise killed in greater numbers, due to the last Game Commission’s decision, which has ranchers and hunters from Safari Club Int’l as commission members. There will be a rally at the next commission meeting next month.

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