Why Are These Poachers Treated With Velvet Gloves?

by Paul Watson

These guys are poachers and in their defense, a group of armed thugs have seized a federal building to denounce the U.S. Federal government because of the conviction of two ranchers who burned 130 acres of public land to conceal their criminal poaching activities.

These are armed right wing anti-government anti-environmentalists defending the right of men to commit crimes.

If this was an occupation by armed Islamic militants the drones would already be launched.

If this was an occupation by Native Americans, the F>B>I> would be moving in aggressively right now.

If this was an occupation by animal rights or environmental activists, everyone would now be dead or in jail.

But somehow just because these guys carry guns, spout tea-party rhetoric, support Trump and the other Republican comedians running for President they are being handled with kid gloves.

Why the discrimination? Why the double standard? Waving the flag does not justify poaching, trespass, destruction of property, threats to civilians and law enforcement people.

There is a big why hanging in the air about this incident.

The question is, what the hell is going to be done about it?

Black lives don’t seem to matter. Native American lives don’t seem to matter. Environmentalist lives don’t seem to matter but cowboy rednecks lives who destroy public land and poach animals seem to matter.

This is rapidly evolving into a major national disgrace.


3 thoughts on “Why Are These Poachers Treated With Velvet Gloves?

  1. Yes, if they were Native Americans, they would be rounded up fast. If they were animal activists, they would be starring at the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. But these are ranchers, with big organizations behind them and legislators who got donations from them. The government backed down last time the Bundy’s Bullies got together.

  2. This latest buffoon burlesque broke upon my consciousness with the usual reposting of mainstream articles full of euphemisms and downplaying. After a couple of those, the articles (from more trustworthy sources) started getting better, calling a spade a spade and telling it like it is. Then, as usually happens, Paul Watson writes something that boils everything down into a clear crystal of truth. Nobody ever says it better. Nobody ever says anything better.

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