2014 – 2015 Pacific Anomalies Science and Technology Workshop II to be held in Seattle, Washington January 20-21

Alaska “Blob” Tracker

The second Pacific Anomalies Workshop will be held on the University of Washington campus on 20-21 January 2016.

The Steering Committee has developed an exciting interactive format for this workshop. There will be guided discussions (with both invited and participant contributed slides) around three central topics, each asking, “Do we understand the mechanism(s) involved?

While still under development by the Steering Committee, our three central topics are focused within:

  1. Atmosphere-ocean interactions: e.g., “What is the ‘blob’ generating mechanism and is it unprecedented?
  2. Open ocean-coastal interactions:  e.g., “What large and meso-scale processes, including upwelling, kept the blob offshore on the west coast? How did the offshore ocean interact with the upwelling zone?
  3. Ecosystem responses: e.g., “What are the mechanisms of ecosystem responses from plankton to predators, including effects from physical and chemical states associated with the blob?

While we are…

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