Malheur Occupiers under siege from PETA

On Tuesday, Bundy said some folks brought them soup and a sympathetic rancher stocked a freezer full of meat for the group holing up at the refuge. And the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) delivered vegan jerky to the militants on Wednesday.

The snacks came along with signs that read, “The End of Animal-Based Ag Is Nigh: GET OUT NOW!”

The occupiers gladly accepted the vegan fare, which is made of soy, seitan and shiitake mushrooms and packs a bigger protein punch than beef. At least one self-described hardcore carnivore occupying the refuge promptly announced his love for the meatless treats, a PETA spokesperson said.

“He tried the hickory smoked primal strip,” said PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt. “He said it tasted like salmon and he loved it.”

5 thoughts on “Malheur Occupiers under siege from PETA

  1. These rancher/moochers do not need any assistance, as they are getting many subsidies from the very Federal Government that they are protesting against. Another silly move from PETA who does not “think” or understand what these western ranchers are about: they have absolutely no intention of becoming “vegan”—which is apparently the only action/goal in life for the Vegan religion. They would best serve the meat-eating public by giving this vegan food to the homeless.
    Ranchers have lots of federal help–and believe me, they are laughing at PETA veganists all the way to the bank. Does PETA even realize (or ever think) about) the Agenda these public lands ranchers are pushing? They want to privatize ALL Public Lands, and/or turn many of them over to state control, opening them to more logging, mining, ranching and oil and gas development. PETA acts too often without much thinking. They need to do their homework first.

    • Maybe PETA spiked the food they gave to the “occupiers” with ricin. Now there would be “stunt” worthy of the name.

    • Obviously most ranchers aren’t going to go vegan because of this or other silly, headline-grabbing campaigns; their fragile, carnivorous egos won’t allow it. But anyone who does go vegan is doing one of the best things they can for animals and against cruelty to both cows and wildlife. Having a set of ethics that applies to the treatment of other sentient beings is not the same as a religion, which is usually based in mythology and applies mostly to humans. Still, PETA should have pointed out that public lands are set aside for the wildlife–not just for ranchers.

  2. This photo opportunity for the vegan-fundamentalist group PETA accomplishes about as much as any other of its shortsighted tactics–in this case, getting a few ranchers to admit that vegan food can actually taste good. It amounts to nothing for wildlife or for helping expose the political agenda of the ranching industry. PETA’s “conversation over conflict” (see the group’s website) shows the futility of making overtures to a staunch enemy of the natural world, which is being destroyed partly because of the misguided embrace of toleration. We are up against forces wishing to obliterate the public sphere, reverting to a constitution which permitted slavery because of an inadequate central power. Vegan jerky will not help block this process, and groups like PETA don’t even acknowledge the challenge. Should they cozy up to law enforcement at Malheur with seitan burgers taking it as positive feedback, they might actually see fit next to make friends with the likes of Homeland Security officials in some myopic attempt to seek legitimacy. Meanwhile, the coyotes on Malheur can expect no voice on their behalf coming from PETA as the group’s animal agriculture poster conspicuously omits any reference to wildlife prosecution at the hands of armed ranchers.

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