Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole Toward a Second Great Dying? World Ocean Shows Signs of Coming Extinction.


The last time Earth experienced a Great Dying was during a dangerous transition from glaciation and to hothouse. We’re doing the same thing by burning fossil fuels today. And if we are sensitive to the lessons of our geological past, we’ll put a stop to it soon. Or else doesn’t even begin to characterize this necessary, moral choice.

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The Great Dying of 252 million years ago began, as it does today, with a great burning and release of ancient carbon. The Siberian flood basalts erupted. Spilling lava over ancient coal beds, they dumped carbon into the air at a rate of around 1-2 billion tons per year. Greenhouse gasses built in the atmosphere and the world warmed. Glacier melt and episodes of increasingly violent rainfall over the single land mass — Pangaea — generated an ocean in which large volumes of fresh water pooled…

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One thought on “Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole Toward a Second Great Dying? World Ocean Shows Signs of Coming Extinction.

  1. Thank you, Jim for the articles on what is happening to the planet. It is so real and yet, Homo sapiens’ denial makes it seem unreal. We have never experienced such before. Once the oceans go. (and it appears they are going faster now), it’ done, isn’t it? Even the Bundys with all their weapons and violence, will not get through this. No more grazing, no more hunting, no more trapping, no more poisoning, no more circuses, animal factories, zoos, wars, wildlife “management,” no more of us. I only wish that non-humans might make it, but it does not look promising. Please keep send us these warnings.
    I am hoping to attend the Cecil Rally in Nevada, even though there is one planned for Santa Fe, NM. I want to meet the Safari Int’l folk.


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