Coyote-Kill Contest: It’s getting uglier around the Malheur National Wildlife

“This morally suspect male-bonding event is ecologically indefensible”

Scott Slocum
White Bear Lake, MN

Jan 15, 2016 — It’s getting uglier around the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge this weekend. The Harney County Coyote Classic is coming to the area. Another destructive force. Spotlights and gunfire at night. Spin-offs into firefights? Best to stay far away.

Here’s some advice from Predator Defense on who to call:

“HERE’S HOW TO HELP: express your concern to County and State officials! Call the Harney County Sheriff’s Office at 541-573-6156 and urge them to either (a) cancel the coyote-killing contest, or (b) make the Wildlife Refuge out of bounds for coyote-hunt contestants. Call Oregon Governor Kate Brown at (503) 378-4582, or write at and ask her to act.”

Also, check out the information from Predator Defense on the importance of coyotes to intact, healthy ecosystems; and the foolishness of indiscriminate killing–not just in contests like this, but in all of its misguided forms.

Coyote-hunting foes oppose Harney County event
The third annual Harney County Coyote Classic will take place near Burns and Crane this weekend as planned, despite the ongoing refuge occupation nearby, authorities said Wednesday as they warned…

7 thoughts on “Coyote-Kill Contest: It’s getting uglier around the Malheur National Wildlife

  1. I just called the Gov. and the Harney County call line–call 541-573-3162 If you call the 573-6156 you will be given the other number, so don’t bother calling this one. I said that a National Boycott of Oregon will may sadly be needed, if Harney County doesn’t stop these lawless ranchers, and the coyote-killing contest.

    • Heads up: The FBI has put the Harney County sheriff’s dept. “in charge.” Like the coyotes guarding the hen house, if Harney county ranchers were not slaughtering coyotes. Do not be fooled. The Harney County folk are ALL ONE ANOTHER. These rural rednecks all support one another even if they pretend they don’t. This is scene is repeated all over the West: its the good ol’ boy network.
      Now, if this was a matter of, say, a person liberating mink from a fur concentration camp up there, you bet the FBI would already have them arrested.


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