Poaching Death of Popular Oklahoma Elk

From Oklahoma KC local news:

He was a little scruffy looking and didn’t have a majestic set of antlers,
but a very popular
Nickel Preserve bull elk with the nickname Hollywood was killed on Friday
night. He was very
laid back and kid-friendly and well known to the preserve visitors.
Poachers on late Friday or on early Saturday found the elk a few yards
off a country road
and shot it with a crossbow and a rifle. Then they took its head and one
hindquarter and left the
rest to rot.
News of the killing exploded on social media Sunday and Monday as the
Nature Conservancy
offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those
responsible. And on Monday
the Tulsa-based NatureWorks pledged to double that reword.
The president of NatureWorks stated “Our board members are outraged by
this totally classless
act. NatureWorks hopes in matching the reward that the responsible party
will be apprehended
and prosecuted to the fullest extent.”
The $2000 comes in addition to a reward of $500 that could be offered
thru the Okla. Dept. of
Wildlife Conservation’s anonymous tip line, Operation Game Thief.
The Director of the preserve said the elk’s small rack and scruffy look
may have kept him
safe for a time.
The Nature Conservancy’s 17,000 acre Nickel Preserve, in the Cookson
Hills NE of Tahlequah, Okla.,
is home to a herd of about 50 elk and a group of five bulls and 15 cows
were transplanted to the
preserve in 2005 to re-establish the herd in the Ozarks.
The bull elk was nicknamed Hollywood because this 8 to 9 year old bull
had taken up residence
near the county road on the preserve and was a regular feature of social
media posts from nearly
everyone who came to the preserve. He seldom ever left the preserve.
The old bull was indeed a good one for people who wanted to get close to
A preserve visitor states “We called him Lawrence Elk.” She saw the elk
for the first time last
year and since then, she and her daughters have visited the preserve one or
twice a month.
She added “There have been many times I pulled up and he was within 4
yards of my car,
and he would just lie down and chew his cud. I think he saw cars so much
he just became
accustomed to it.”


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