Bundy brothers among 8 arrested, 1 dead near Malheur

One person died and 8 were arrested, including militia leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy, after the FBI and the Oregon State Police intercepted the group along Highway 395.

Source: Bundy brothers among 8 arrested, 1 dead near Malheur


2 thoughts on “Bundy brothers among 8 arrested, 1 dead near Malheur

  1. Militia armed takeover of wildlife refuge, why? Why it happened was because of criminal thinking errors of this group, and they represent other militia groups and many western ranchers who think the same way but don’t join a militant militia: entitlement thinking, self-centered thinking, victimstance, power and control, use of righteous anger to get their way, dehumanization of others. It is public land not entitled rancher and farmer land. The federal government already is too generous with public land at the expense of wilderness and wildlife and public accessibility and recreation. BLM land is already 55% grazing, and 63,000 oil and gas leases, over 300 mines, timber sales, and farming. Grazing fees/leases are a pittance ($1.69 per animal unit per month). There are 23,000 public land leases in 11 western states. State or local takeover would not be affordable to the states and would quickly result in private interests taking over, further encroachment on other interests including wilderness, wildlife, recreation, accessibility, and evasion of EPA and ESA and Wilderness Act laws. Takeover by states or localities would be illegal. It is not going to happen and these self-centered, power and control, entitled, angry groups should get over themselves. Public land is our land, not their land to do with as they please.


    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article56755113.html#storylink=cpy

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