Man headed to Malheur standoff threatens to kill cops


BURNS, Ore. — A Woodburn man who said he was on his way to an Oregon refuge under armed siege was jailed in Harney County after threatening to shoot and kill federal agents.

Joseph A. Stetson, 54, made the threats at a market in Hines, according to the Harney County district attorney’s office.

He was then pulled over by police. Stetson told authorities he was heading to Burns to join the weeks-long protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Stetson was carrying a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun in a holster, the sheriff’s office said in a prepared statement.

He said he wished to be the personal bodyguard for the Bundy family, which orchestrated the takeover of the refuge in early January.

The actual bodyguard for the Bundys, Brian Cavalier, was called out by a  British newspaper recently for lying about being a Marine who served in the Middle East.

“If I go to jail and I come out I will kill you,” Stetson can be heard saying in a video of his arrest. He continues making the threats.

“You let me go right now or I’ll kill you I promise you,” he said It took troopers several minutes to get Stetson into a police vehicle.  He would later kick the door and damage it, according to authorities.  He was eventually booked into the Harney County Jail for DUII and resisting arrest.


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